21 people arrested at Kireka live sex party

Police in Kampala Metropolitan Area have arrested 21 people who were allegedly participating in what the law enforces described as a sex party.

The party, according to police, was taking place in a private house in Kireka, Kira Municipality, Wakiso District.

Mr Patrick Onyango, the spokesman of Kampala Police Metropolitan Area said that they got information about the party and planted informants to monitor and inform the police when the rare and illegal party would start.

Towards midnight, he said, police was notified that the sex orgy had started and raided the house where it was being hosted.

“We got the participants red handed,” Mr Onyango said in a statement. “They have been arrested and detained at Kira Division Police Station on charges of disobedience of lawful orders and doing acts that are likely to cause the spread of infectious disease, which is coronavirus.”

He said that the suspects will be taken to court on Monday October 12, 2020.

The facility was allegedly holding a sex party, promoted as “Be mine sex party” for which participants were charged UGX 50000 for VIP and UGX 30,000 for ordinary to attend and participate in group trans night sex.

Based on the quantities of illegal substances found at the scene, police are also looking at bringing charges in relation to the distribution of illegal narcotics.

It is reported that criminal charges will be brought against at least some if not all of those involved.

The party organizer had promoted the party online

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