George Kituku empowered the youth to get involved in the Golf sport

George Kituku (C) with some of the academy kids at the golf course

The coach of AfRIYEA GolF ACADEMY George Kituku, empowered the youth to get involved in the Golf sport.

“Golf is not for this high privileged families, golf is for both less and high privileged families. Many kids thought that the high privileged families which is not the case , even the kid from less privileged families can play golf and become successful in the world “, George Kituku stated.

The principled George kituku used his seniority of the game to highlight the core principles of the sport.

” The first core principles are , hard working, Academic excellent, respect, Discipline, environment conscious among others, are the best core principles of the sport”.

However, the CEO MR Isaiah Mwesige confirmed their readiness opportunity for the kids to show what they can do.

“There are many kids out there who can be the next Tiger woods of this world, but they all need our support to play the game and these are mostly the kids from the a struggling family .

As the academy we are ready to give them opportunities and show us what they can do”, Isaiah Mwesige confirmed.

The well established golf academy with Uganda’s top professionals as the coaches in the academy have managed to train over 100 golf students since its well focused to continue train as many kids as possible.

Many young kids have not been given an opportunity to try their luck in the game because people have scared them to join the sport because they keep telling them that the game is for the rich and corporates only.

AFRIYEA has also trained so many kids from less priviledge families who have the passion and talent of Golf sport. So far the Academy has many excelled kids who have already won tittles in various tournaments which motivates the Academy management to continue helping other kids with such talents.

The academy does not only train kids golf but it also focuses on life skills in leadership, environment conversation, agricultural skills as they believe that life skills are very important in shaping the kids in a bright future.

AFRIYEA also promise to continue giving kids the best life skills experience that can help them grow upright.

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