Amuriat wins FDC 2021 presidential ticket elections


FDC party president Mr. Patrick Oboi Amuriat has defeated Mr. Wasswa Birigwa in the FDC 2021 general elections party presidential Flag bearer elections

Amuriat who also defeated retired Gen. Mugisha Muntu in 2017 for the party president gathered a majority a votes was declared a winner and now will represent the party in the forth coming general election contesting for the countries top position against the incumbent president Museveni of NRMO, Robert Kyagulanyi of NUP if the yet to decide court case doesn’t turn it around, former FDC president Gen. Mugisha Muntu of ANT among others.

Mr. Amuriat while addressing the congregation just after being announced , said “I thank you delegates forgiving me this opportunity to serve my country for free as you put trust in me.

“I also thank my mentor Dr. Kiiza Besigye for mentoring in this, if can ask some where was POA four years ago would tell you that he is a retired politician because after being defeated the general elections i had no position any where in this country but Dr. Besigye and Mr. Wafula Oguttu encouraged me to contest for the party president and i emerged a winner.

FDC is the leading opposition party being second to MRMO for three consecutive times during Dr. Besigye’s stint as party’s presidential flag bearer.

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