Apostle Ronald Responds Back to Tamale Mirundi’s Obscene Language to him Over his political revelation message to M7

Apostle Hope Witness of Full knowledge of God international ministries based at Namasuba Zzana Wakiso district has responded back to president Museveni’s adviser also a fan Tamale Mirundi over the use of abusive and obscene language to him accusing him of revealing a political message to H.E Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni, Uganda, Africa and the entire world a head of the forthcoming general elections in Uganda 2021.

Recently, Apostle Ronald Hope Witness revealed a political victory message to H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Uganda, Africa and the entire world saying that, on 02/09/2020, he was visited by “God” through Angel Gabriel with a message saying , president Museveni is now old and advanced in age, but he has not yet finished God’s work and mission of preparing Uganda under peace and justice to enable and proclaim His worldwide promised call which is to be in Uganda the pearl of Africa’s crown.
“president Museveni will overwhelmingly win the forthcoming general elections if all goes well because he still have a lot to do in accordance to God’s message and mission revealed to me,” he added.

He says that, on Wednesday 02/09/2020 at 5:00am in the morning, God visited him through Angel Gabriel and waked him from the sleep and God commenced talking to him while saying, Uganda why do you cast off the good thing to choose the Bad?. See your enemy is overtaking you.” I mean Satan the Devil through some of your neighboring countries and some countries from far away.”.

Now a one Tamale Mirundi was recently called on a phone in a one radio talk show to comment over Apostle Ronald Hope Witness’s revelation message, whereby Tamale Mirundi replied via a phone call using abusive and obscene word asking for a presenter to tell, Apostle Ronald Hope Witness that he is like a “Vagina”, this is a female private body part between her legs.

In an interview with Apostle Ronald Hope Witness over Tamale Kirundi’s decayed language, he said that, according him, the word used by Tamale Mirundi can’t hurt him because it is like any other human body parts.
“I can’t say that the word used by Tamale Mirundi is bad because as we males we marry wives looking for that part, during birth each and every body pass through that body part in case all goes well,” he said.

Apostle Ronald adds that, what can hurt him is, when some one tells him to go to “Hell, Darkness among others in that category thus urges Tamale Mirundi to think twice before he reacts for proper guidance.

Apostle Ronald concludes by saying that every wherever is said by an individual should be reflected and quoted in either holy books of Quran or Bible for proper guidance and teaching instead a meaningless speaking and talking by various individuals just only to serve their interests.

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