Buganda Launches NRM Task Force for 2021 general Elections

Buganda and Kampala Regions on Saturday 17th October 2020 evening launched a joint Task Force for the NRM Presidential Flag bearer, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The function held at Golden Tulip Hotel in Kampala was presided over by the Central Executive Committee (CEC) Vice Chairman in charge of the Central Region Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi. The Main stream Excom include;

  1. Chairman: Hon Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi
  2. Vice Chairperson: Hon. Singh Katongole
  3. Finance: Hon. Raphael Magyezi
  4. Women Desk: Hajat Faridah Kibowa & Deborah Kinobe
  5. Gen.Secretary/Media: Rogers Mulindwa
  6. PWD: Hajji Shafiq Mwanje
  7. Opinion Leader: Hon. Mbabali Muyanja
  8. Youth Desk: Kitata Ibrahim, Bulegeya Rogers and Agnes Kirabo
  9. Veterans Desk: Kiwanuka Titus
  10. Business Community: Godfrey Kirumira
  11. Administrator: Maureen Mulangira


  1. Kampala: Salim Uhuru Nsubuga
  2. Greater Mukono: Hajj Ssebagala Twahir
  3. Greater Luwero: Can. Nkoyoyo Christopher
  4. Greater Mubende: Yiga Israel
  5. Greater Masaka: Peter Ssenkungu
  6. Greater Mpigi: Hon JohnBosco Lubyayi
  7. Wakiso: Stephen Nkata.
    The meeting was also attended and addressed by Hon Mathias Kasamba, the Secretariat Director in charge of Mobilisation, Training & Cadre development.

Mathias called on the appointed office bearers to work closely with the party structures especially the 30 leaders at every branch.

Makindye west MP aspirant Bosco Lusagala Condemns Police Brutality Acts

Makindye division deputy mayor also Makindye west member of parliament aspirant DP’s Bosco Lusagala says police act unprofessionally which tarnishes all other security organs’ images in the country leading Ugandans to lose hope a head of the forthcoming general elections 2021.

Lusagala made this revelation on Thursday following his nomination by Independent electoral commission at Ntinda saying police is partisan while executing its work specifically during this political time because it has been seen several times humiliating and provoking leaders of opposition and their supporters while that of the NRM ruling party act in a manner violating Covid 19 rules and guidelines freely.

“As opposition, we are fed up of Police brutal acts done to opposition leaders and supporters, we are in a multi party system whereby elections must be conducted countrywide,” he said.

Lusagala condemned president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for just looking at security organs while violating human rights, democracy and freedom without taking any action against these acts.

“NRM party political leaders conduct processions which is against Covid 19 guidelines but they are not tempered with, when it comes to opposition, things become worse, and that is why we recently saw police’s invasion to NUP office at Kamwokya without genuine at least any genuine reason,” he added.

In the same vein police also searched various commercial buildings in Kampala and confiscated all cloth materials in red colour saying they are related and resemble some security organs unform.

Yesterday some supporters of Lusagala Bosco were teargassed and shot rubber bullets by police at Mubaraka Makindye division when police was attempting to disperse the crowds. According to Lusagala, some of his fans are currently nursing wounds in hospitals.

Asked what inspired him to join the race, Lusagala said that, HW wants to empower youths and women to fight against unemployment leading high crime rates, improving drainage channels, rubbish collection, education, health, infrastructures among others in all goes through well adding that, the time he has spent as Makindye division deputy mayor, he has acquired political and lobbying skills which he will also use in Parliament.

Lusagala is now competing with Al-Haji Ntege Farouq who is independent, NRM,s Achilis Lubega, NUP’s Allan Ssewanyana who is holding DP ticket in this term ending who are observed as powerful and strong candidates in the race compared to Makindye East.

Boda-Boda Cyclists Join Tugobe Corona Campaign

Kampala metropolitan Boda-boda cyclists have joined private sector foundation Uganda (PSFU), KACITA, UMEME, KCCA among others to fight against COVID 19 through a campaign dubbed “Tugobe Corona; Wear a mask, an initiative established by PSFU with an intention to chase corona virus in the country.
Gideon Baddagawa chief executive director PSFU says the campaign will enable smooth running of business sector in the country since the campaign will ensure that people wear Masks due to the fact that it prevents 85% of covid 19 infections.
“I urge business community not to allow people with no masks to access their premises because it puts their lives in danger,” he said.
Baddagawa says the campaign will run for one month while reminding and make public aware the importance of putting on masks. Among the SOPs of ministry of health are washing hands with soaps frequently, wearing masks, keep distance at least two meters, not to cough in public while uncovered with masks among others.
Francis Kisirinya deputy chief executive director PSFU says they are to use boda-boda cyclists to sensitise public about corona virus and the relevance of wearing masks as a tool to fight against covid 19.
“Public doesn’t aware that wearing masks prevents 85% of covid 19 infections, but through bodaboda cyclists, we are to move stage to stage to spread this information,” he said.
Sulaiman Lubega Chairman century bodaboda association Lubaga division, says they have decided to join this campaign to ensure that no boda-boda cyclist himself carries a passenger without a mask and the same applies to messenger.
“If we are used by politicians in various aspects to serve their interests, why don’t we join this Tugobe corona campaign to save out lives,” he said.
Rashid Kawawa publicist boda-boda association Kampala says with unity, covid 19 will one time be history in Uganda, and that is why they have decided to be part of the campaign.

PSFU and KACITA Launch “Tugobe Corona” Campaign Aimed to Chase Covid 19

Private sector foundation Uganda (PSFU) has initiated a campaign dubbed “Tugobe Corona; Wear a Mask which aims at fighting against covid 19 pandemics within the country.
The campaign will be done together with Kampala city traders association (KACITA) Kampala capital city authority (KCCA), UMEME among others with a key core values which is making public aware of covid 19, and the relevancy of putting on masks.
Speaking to media during the launch of the campaign on Tuesday, Francis Kisirinya deputy executive director Private sector foundation Uganda said that, the public is not aware that putting on masks prevents covid 19 pandemic infection 85% leading to high rate of its prevalence.
“We have come up with this campaign to help and support on government fighting against covid 19 in the country by sensitizing and making public the relevance and importance of wearing masks, because this prevents 85% of covid 19 infection,” he said.
Abel Mwesigye executive director Kampala city traders association (KACITA) says Covid 19 has greatly affected business sector in the country leading economic quagmire globally and if SOPs are not properly followed, second lockdown is likely to exist which is again terrible to economic and social wellbeing of human beings.
“Covid 19 is a deadly global disease which has affected us in various aspects, and failure to follow ministry of health rules and guidelines properly, we can return to lockdown therefore I argue all Ugandans to wear mask,” he added.

Daniel NiwaAbine KCCA publicist says this campaign will continue reminding public to wear masks with their associated importance to human health because people are now careless with wearing masks which puts people’s lives at stake.

Peter Kawujju UMEME spokesperson also welcomed the initiative saying it will keep on reminding the public that Covid 19 really exists and kills like any other diseases.
” Some people think that covid 19 doesn’t exist saying its just political and financial trap, but its totally wrong,” he said.
Kawujju also re-emphasized on wearing masks and follow other SOPs to chase the Covid 19 pandemic in the country.

The world is currently faced with a pandemic of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), a new virus that spreads so fast through droplet infection especially in crowded places and causes illness. It is spread from person to person through sneezing or coughing (droplet infection), human to human contact and contact with contaminated surfaces.

Signs and symptoms of COVID-19 include:

Running Nose (flu)
General Weakness
Difficulty in breathing if the patient develops pneumonia
At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments.


Since 31 December 2019 and as of 13 October 2020, 37 875 422 cases of COVID-19 (in accordance with the applied case definitions and testing strategies in the affected countries) have been reported, including 1 081 632 deaths.

Cases have been reported from:

Africa: 1 585 643 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are South Africa (692 471), Morocco (153 761), Egypt (104 648), Ethiopia (85 136) and Nigeria (60 430).

Asia: 11 858 004 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are India (7 175 880), Iran (504 281), Iraq (405 437), Bangladesh (379 738) and Philippines (342 816).

America: 18 144 366 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are United States (7 804 197), Brazil (5 103 408), Colombia (919 083), Argentina (903 717) and Peru (851 171).

Europe: 6 250 851 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are Russia (1 312 310), Spain (888 968), France (743 479), United Kingdom (617 688) and Italy (359 569).

Oceania: 35 862 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are Australia (27 286), French Polynesia (3 189), Guam (3 170), New Zealand (1 516) and Papua New Guinea (565).

Other: 696 cases have been reported from an international conveyance in Japan.

Deaths have been reported from:

Africa: 38 217 deaths; the five countries reporting most deaths are South Africa (17 780), Egypt (6 062), Morocco (2 636), Algeria (1 809) and Ethiopia (1 301).

Asia: 213 318 deaths; the five countries reporting most deaths are India (109 856), Iran (28 816), Indonesia (11 935), Iraq (9 912) and Turkey (8 895).

America: 595 179 deaths; the five countries reporting most deaths are United States (215 085), Brazil (150 689), Mexico (83 945), Peru (33 357) and Colombia (27 985).

Europe: 233 906 deaths; the five countries reporting most deaths are United Kingdom (42 875), Italy (36 205), Spain (33 124), France (32 825) and Russia (22 722).

Oceania: 1 005 deaths; the five countries reporting most deaths are Australia (898), Guam (60), New Zealand (25), French Polynesia (11) and Papua New Guinea (7).

Other: 7 deaths have been reported from an international conveyance in Japan.


*As of 6 October 2020, according to Mexican Public Health Authorities, the cumulative numbers of cases and deaths have increased significantly compared to the previous days due to a late publication of data.

United Kingdom: from 3 October 2020, due to a technical issue, COVID-19 cases from 24 September to 1 October will be reported by British authorities in the coming days.

On 2 October 2020, authorities in Ireland retrocorrected the total number of COVID-19 deaths leading to a negative value for the deaths reported on 3 October 2020.

On 10 September 2020, Jersey reclassified nine cases as old infections resulting in negative cases reported on 11 September 2020.

As of 7 September 2020, there is a negative number of cumulative cases in Ecuador due to the removal of cases detected from rapid tests. In addition, the total number of reported COVID-19 deaths has shifted to include both probable and confirmed deaths, which lead to a steep increase on the 7 September.

From end of August 2020, Swedish authorities are performing daily data consolidation leading to data retro-corrections. From week 38, the Swedish Public Health Agency will update COVID-19 daily data four times per week on Tuesday–Friday. Hence, the cumulative figures and related outputs include cases and deaths from the previous 14 days with available data at the time of data collection.

Ham Enterprises,Lawyers;Muwema, Arnold Kimara response to Uganda Bankers’ Association

Muwema and Company Advocates & Solicitors, together with M/s
Kimara Advocates & Consultants act for Ham Enterprises Ltd, Kiggs
International (U) Ltd and Kiggundu Hamis, the Plaintiffs in the above

Our attention has been drawn to the media release you published on the
8th day of October 2020 in respect of a ruling issued in the above matter
by Hon Dr Henry Peter Adonyo, the Head of the High Court Commercial
In the media release which you circulated electronically on social media platforms, you referred to the said ruling as a reckless judgement on the
unfounded allegation that it declared syndicated loans in Uganda to be illegal.
In another version of the media release which carried your signatures, you panicked and withdrew One word reckless from the statement but the
damage had already been done.
What we find very odd is that you were capable of sustaining such a
malevolent attack on the judgement of the Court without citing a single law or regulation to support your assertions.
Since you have not demonstrated a full understanding of the facts and
the law governing our Clients’ case, we have had no option but to correct

your deliberate misrepresentation and false alarm about the ruling and
judgement in the case.
You are however responsible for the flurry of fake news arising from your missive which has done a considerable job in misinforming the Banking
sector and all stakeholders alike.
For the purpose of bringing back some respectability and sobriety to the
subject, we wish to highlight some of the important points and correct
implications which can be discerned from the case:
a) Our Clients’ case against DTB Uganda was for the recovery of
colossal sums of money in the amounts of US$ 23M and Ugshs.34Bn.
These amounts were unlawfully debited from our Clients’ accounts for a period of over nine (9) years.
b) The High Court rightly entered judgement in favor of our Client for the
above sum against DTB Uganda after it struck out its defence on
account of the illegalities which had been established.
c) This is not the first time nor the last time that a Bank Customer has
accused or will accuse a Bank of such predatory and unethical conduct
of financial pilferage.
d) We wonder why the UBA has not come out to condemn some of its
errant members who go against the UBA core values of integrity,
transparency, professionalism, good governance and service excellence.
e) The illegalities raised against DTB Uganda and DTB Kenya which
they both failed to counter in the suit were two fold, namely:
i. that DTB Kenya was not licensed to conduct
financial institutions business in Uganda as it did
not obtain permission to do so from the Central
Bank of Uganda under S. 117 Financial
institutions Act, 2004 (as amended),
ii. that DTB Uganda acted in contravention of its
license, the Financial Institutions (Agent Banking)
Regulations, 2017 and the Financial Institutions
Act vide S. 126 when it acted as an Agent Bank of
DTB Kenya, without first obtaining approval to do
so from the Central Bank of Uganda.
(f) The High Court ruling/judgement was promoting good banking practice
which UBA is supposed to Stand for when it insisted that the FIA must
apply to all banking transactions undertaken by DTB Uganda and DTB
(g) Why would anyone find a judgement which ensures compliance with
the law to be reckless?
(h) It is true, that DTB Uganda and DTB Kenya engaged in a syndicated
loan transaction with our Clients but it is not true that the judgement declared syndicated loans to be illegal.
(i) As can be seen from the above, the judgement declared the syndicated
loan involving DTB Kenya to be illegal because it did not obtain
permission from Bank of Uganda as required by the FIA to conduct
Financial Institutions business in Uganda.
(j) Is the UBA trying to push for the deregulation of foreign lending in
Uganda by vehemently protesting a court judgement which seeks to
enforce the regulation of such foreign lending? Is UBA trying to promote
illicit financial inflows and anarchy in the financial sector?
(k)The implication which should be derived from the judgement is that any
Bank which desires to conduct syndicated loan transactions in Uganda is
allowed to do so provided it comes under the regulation of the law.
(l) This is the message which the UBA should be passing on to its
members and the foreign lenders who want to participate in the lucrative
syndicated loan market in Uganda instead of alarming them that the Court
has banned syndicated loans in Uganda.
(m) It would appear to us that the UBA has felt the shock waves of the
judgement because the judgement exposes the hitherto undisclosed
foreign loans which have been escaping regulatory oversight by the
Central Bank of Uganda and which are otherwise eligible for taxation by
the Uganda Revenue Authority.
(n) Can the UBA give an account of all taxes payable to the Ugandan
treasury against interest payments remitted on the syndicated loan
portfolio which you have reported to now stand at UGX 5.7 trillion?
(0) There is no reason why the Government of Uganda which is a
sovereign juridical person should be blackmailed and taken hostage in its
own sovereign jurisdiction just because it is the largest beneficiary of
syndicated lending for various projects.
(p)The Government of Uganda has a corresponding duty to respect,
protect and apply the laws of Uganda equally to itself and all players in the
Banking sector, irrespective of whether they are local or foreign lenders.
(q)There is no country in the world which doesn’t regulate syndicated loan
transactions involving foreign banks or lenders. The High Court judgement
has ensured that Uganda takes its place as a responsible member of the
global financial community by adopting and adhering to international
lending best practice. Why should any well intentioned and patriotic
Ugandan oppose such a noble cause?
(r)The UBA should have applauded the Courts’ ruIing/judgement for
directing the Bank of Uganda to carry out its public duty and enforce the
law to regulate foreign lendinq transactions by foreign Banks. Does the
UBA believe that Banking Sector in Uganda can develop without the
enforced prudential regulation by the Central Bank?
(s) Until the judgement/ruling of the High Court is appealed and set
aside, the UBA and its officers will do better to stop undermining the
administration of justice and independence of the Courts in Uganda
through misguided media releases.
(t) If the UBA and its officers do not desist from this inappropriate
behavior, they will be cited for committing offences against judicial
proceedings pursuant to S. 107 Penal Code Act Cop 120.
(u)We hope this letter has put our Clients’ case in clear perspective and
that it has also clarified that the Court ruling did not outlaw foreign
syndicated lending transactions in Uganda.
(v) In the premise, we also expect that the UBA will be advised to follow
the available judicial due process to say anything if at all, within the
confines of the law.

UMWV Petitions to Kadaga Seeking Amendment of the Act

Uganda Muslim Women Vision (UMWV) has petition to speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga and Equal opportunity commission seeking support, help to amend “Uganda Citizenship and Immigration control Act” to enabling all Muslim women dress religiously and put on their veils always.
Led by their chairperson, Namukwaya Aisha on Thursday during a media briefing held at hotel Africana Kampala said that, they have been suffering immensely and silently with the way they have been forced to undress in public and remove their veils which is part and parcel of their dress while taking photographs for passports, national identity cards, driving permits and while going through immigration offices at international border posts.
Namukwaya says, Muslim Women dress code requires wearing of all full garments with veils as part of the religious obligations as its clearly stipulated in Quran: 33:59, adding that Muslim women in Uganda are uncomfortable and feel highly opposed to the way they are being harassed by undressing them (forced to remove veils) in a manner that is humiliating.
Nankya Mariam outgoing UMWV chairperson disclosed that, they have decided to rise up and express their grievances to the government of the republic of Uganda seeking redress, and a petition has been submitted to speaker of Parliament of Uganda and a copy to the Equal Opportunity commission with an aim of revisiting this policy which forces Muslim Women in Uganda to remove their veils.
“It should be clearly noted that while veiled, all facial features that identity a person are well displayed; so why are women forced to remove the veils,” she said.
Hadijah Namyalo a lecturer from school of law Makerere university says the veil is part and parcel of the Muslim Women’s dress and forcing them to remove it is not only dehumanizing but also degrades their integrity, adding that the public embarrassment that accompanies undressing in public is causing too much discomfort, rising pressure and tension that may soon or later explode.
“Unless this act is done away, the Muslim women contend that their rights to freely practice their religion is grossly violated,” she said.
Nuru Nambirige legal adviser UMWV says whereas indecency of women has caused enumerable socio-economic problems to the society, all people of good will/should be concerned about protecting the existing descent women, and there are also technological alternative means of identifying a person’s facial features using biometrics and this is already available in Uganda as is also used in other countries.
“In USA and UK, Muslim women take their photos with their veils intact,” she added.
Zaitun Kakyama secretary general UMWV says their prayer therefore is that government should allow Muslim women in Uganda to keep their veils intact while processing their travel documents, National identity cards, Driving permits and other related procedures, as well as while moving through immigration points.
The Uganda Muslim Women Vision was commenced in 1996 with a mandate to protect and promote the socio-economic as well as religious welfare of Muslim women in Uganda. For a practicing Muslim women, the dress code is the first aspect of identity and the head dress, the veil is very characteristic and definitive.

Hamis Kigundu Promises to Inject Shs20bn to Youths SACCOs

Kampala city tycoon Hamis Kigundu aka Ham is set to inject shs 20bn into youths SACCOs as a measure to develop themselves.
Hamis Kigundu made this revelation on Monday 05th/10/2020, following adjournment of commercial court’s ruling case between Hamis Kigundu Vs Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) to 07th/10/2020. Hamis Kugundu dragged DTB to court accusing it to remove Shs120bn from his account which he says is/was wrong, illegal and unlawful.
Recently, the same court halted DTB bank to proceed with auditing Hamis’ s business of the ground that, the case is still in court for auditing to take place which is wrong.
“Am sure I will win this case and now I have trust in our court, because I have so far won DTB at least 30%,” he said.
Hamis also disclosed that, if all goes well in court and wins the case, he is to inject sum of She20bn in SSACCOs owned by his fellow youths because they are currently struggling to earn a living.

Court set 07th/10/2020, as a date to give its final ruling.

Asked to talk about on the updates of redevelopment of Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium, Hamis said that, currently the site is employing 800 employees, and the stadium will have sitting capacity of 35,000, after its completion.
“We expect the work to take between 12-18 months from now, and it will be one of the best stadiums in East Africa not only in Uganda,” he said.

He said that, the stadium will also use other sports departments/organs like basketball, net ball, Luddo, among others including a hotel to also help accommodate guests and conducting other activities. In the same vein Hamis articulated that, Covid 19, pandemic has some how affected the site which led them to first halt the work, but they resumed to operate normally to ensure its completion successfully.
” We work day and night to ensure the completion is done in the designated time so that the stadium resumes to operate normally,” he added.

However Hamis expressed his grievances over his fellow Ugandans whom he said they are against development saying they attack him specifically via social media commenting him as a person who is joking with the redevelopment of this stadium.

One of the Engineers on the site who identified himself as Ashaba Aineya from Rock Construction Company limited, said that the stadium is on FIFA specifications and it will have 105 meters length and 68 meters width adding that, they have so far built 33% if the work and within the next few months, the stadium will be ready and completed.

Brief Notes About Nakivubo.
Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium, commonly referred to as Nakivubo Stadium, was a multi-purpose stadium in Kampala, Uganda. It was previously used mostly for football matches and served as the home venue of SC Villa. The stadium had a capacity of 30,000 people, after the 2013 renovations, but prior to the ongoing 2017 renovations. It is Expected to have a capacity of 35,000 upon completion of the ongoing works.

Jose Mourinho Sends Message to Manchester United Over Edison Cavan transfer

Jose Mourinho expects a reaction from Manchester United to their humiliating 6-1 thrashing by Tottenham and says they are signing one of the ‘top strikers in the world’ in Edinson Cavani.

Mourinho returned to his former club to inflict a joint-worst defeat on United in the Premier League era and fuel tensions within the club and among the fanbase.

United supporters have been disgruntled by a lack of reinforcements but the club is expected to announce the signings of Cavani and Brazilian left-back Alex Telles on deadline day.

Mourinho expressed sympathy for opposite number Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and bullishly predicted United would react positively to their humbling.

“I have sympathy for Ole because of the result. I don’t remember that I lost by [conceding] six but I lost by five and I lost by four, I know how it hurt.

“I know it’s very, very important the winning manager shows sympathy. Of course, I want to win by seven, not by six, don’t get me wrong. But sympathy in our behaviour. Today was him, tomorrow it’s me.

Manchester United Announce Two Signings

Manchester United have confirmed the academy signings of Alejandro Garnacho and Charlie McNeill.

According to Manchester Evening News , Manchester United have received international clearance for former Atletico Madrid striker Garnacho, 16, after the Spaniard arrived in England last month but had to quarantine for 14 days.
McNeill, 17, has returned to the United academy for an initial fee of £750,000 that could rise to £1.35million after he rejected the offer of a new contract at Manchester City in the summer.
The MEN revealed that because McNeill did not turn 17 until last month any teams that wanted to sign him still had to negotiate a fee with his former club or risk a tribunal deciding his value.
United sources say McNeill would represent an ‘absolute bargain’ if he costs the full £1.5m as he would have to play in a significant amount of first-team games and record noteworthy achievements to trigger the clauses.

Boyhood United fan McNeill cost City £12,000 when he joined the academy from United six years ago and his goalscoring exploits – he is credited with 600 goals at youth level – have also seen him recognised at international level with a number of caps for England Under-16s.

Garnacho is United’s third Spanish acquisition of the summer after Marc Jurado from Barcelona and Alvaro Fernandez from Real Madrid. Fernandez has already scored for the U18s.
Norwegian Isak Hansen-Aaroen, the 16-year-old recruit from Tromso, made his debut for the Under-21s in Tuesday night’s EFL Trophy draw with Rochdale, where United won 5-4 in a penalty shootout.

Things hinder Kampala to transform, says FDC’s Ssemaganda.

Kampala central division aspirant mayor Ssemaganda Isah says Kampala lacks transparency, accountability and budgetary skills to get sustainable development.

Ssemaganda made the revelation on Tuesday following his nomination at the office of Assistant district registrar Mawanda road Kampala central division who is eying for Kampala central division mayoral seat in the forthcoming general elections 2021.
Ssemaganda was nominated by Electoral commission official Musiime Doreen, and in his speech after his nomination, Ssemaganda highlighted some of the key to tackle if all goes through well including improvement of infrastructures, floods, water logging, drainage system taxation, unemployment among others.
“We have been lacking transparency, accountability, and budgetary procedures to lift our city to international level, but time for now to transform our city from darkness to light through electing me because am a man with vision, therefore elect me,” he said.
He added that, this time round they were given powers and authority as local governments to plan for their areas due to various amendments made in certain laws governing the city which is likely to lead sustainable development, however he disclosed that, all these could be achieved through unity, determination, focused, transparency among others.
“Am a “servant” of all people who is ready to solve their problems in Kampala which has been totally a problem for ancient and current leaders who look for their stomachs only without reminding for their voters,” he added.
Ssemaganda is holding Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) ticket competing with NRM’s Uhuru Salim, DP’s incumbent Charles Sserunjogi Musoke, among others.