Pastor Ssenyonga under fire over remarks on Yiga

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga, the head of Christian Life Church in Makerere Kavule has come under fire from some pastors and members of Christian Revival Church Kawaala for his utterances against their deceased Pastor Augustine Yiga alias Abizzaayo.

The group has condemned Ssenyonga for attacking the deceased and asked him to apologize to his family and church members.

It all started on Tuesday when Ssenyonga convened a press conference shortly after Yiga’s death and condemned him as a false prophet who often took advantage of his female flock.

He also claimed that Yiga faked miracles, impregnated and infected many of his followers with HIV. There was tension between the two pastors who appeared to have been battling for supremacy. Onetime Yiga accused Ssenyonga of paying people to go to his church to show that he had a huge following.

However, Ssenyonga’s unkind comments about Yiga even after his death didn’t go down well with some pastors and his followers.

They described his attack on the deceased as disrespectful and contrary to the African tradition as well as church laws.

Pastor Mondo Mugisha of Empowerment Christian Center who visited Christian Revival Church Kawaala to console Yiga’s family has tasked Pastor Ssenyonga to apologize publicly to the deceased’s children and born-again Christians.

He says unless Ssenyonga apologizes, he will mobilize Christians and other Ugandans to shun him.

Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo of House of Prayer Ministries says it was unfortunate for the Pentecostal Church, for such a senior pastor, to celebrate the death of his fellow pastor which is against bible teachings.

“I can’t celebrate the death of a person even if he has been my enemy, at worst what he did was nothing but wickedness,” said Bujjingo.

Pastor Merry Kaizire of the Lord’s Covenant in Kanyanya also said that the manner in which Ssenyonga was speaking explains the level of hatred he had for Yiga. She argued that fighting someone even after death is ungodly and a shame to all pastors.

Members of Revival church who spoke to the media also condemned Ssenyonga’s utterances against their late pastor.

Stephen Mukwaya, a follower to Yiga asked Ssenyonga to come out and apologize saying his utterances are traumatizing to the bereaved family.

Rose Mumbejja, an artist in Rival Band which was started by Pastor Yiga dismissed Ssenyonga’s claims against their pastor as false.

Pastor Ssenyonga couldn’t be reached for comment as he neither picked nor returned calls from our reporter.

Whereas most religious leaders preach forgiveness, Pastor Augustine Yiga chose a controversial line, building his ministry on retribution.

This earned him the moniker Abizzaayo, literally meaning the one who casts people’s bad omens back to the source/sender.

No wonder when the news of Yiga’s death started circulating yesterday early morning, his Christian Revival Church in Kawaala, a Kampala suburb, was filled with mourners who did not mind about requirements of social distancing and wearing of masks to avoid spread of COVID-19.

Margaret Nakisozi, one of Yiga’s followers, said she first saw him in 2004 in a Kiwuunya, a slum in Nakulabye, Rubaga division.

“He has been a kind person who mentored us. I know that I was older than him but he took me in as a child and I called him daddy,” Nakisozi said.

Pastor Yiga’s business partner, Richard Kimbowa, said he had known him for the last five years. Kimbowa said ever since Yiga left prison in March over his reckless statements in regards to COVID-19, his health deteriorated.

Pastors Yiga’s body will be laid to rest at Revival church on Sunday this week.

Date set for the Court of Appeal final ruling on DTB-Ham case

The Court of Appeal will make a judgment on Monday, November 2 to determine whether Diamond Trust Bank, DTB, refunds an equivalent of Sh120 billion shillings to businessman Hamis Kiggundu.

The ruling will also shed more light as to whether the loans Kiggundu took from DTB Uganda and DTB Kenya qualified to be termed syndicated loans.

Kiggundu, through his two companies, Kiggs International and Ham Enterprises, took six credit facilities worth about Sh40 billion over six years, from DTB Uganda and DTB Kenya in different tranches. As he continued paying, he decided to consolidate the credit facilities into one loan.

He later accused the banks of continuing to take out of his accounts more than what he owed them and also claimed that DTB Kenya was illegally operating in Uganda since it was not licensed by Bank of Uganda.

He says they had so far taken Sh120 billion Shillings, from his accounts in DTB Uganda, to pay what he owed DTB Kenya. The high court agreed with him that DTB’s actions were illegal and that it should refund the money.

This immediately drew the response of the Uganda Bankers Association which called the credit facilities taken by Ham, a syndicated loan.

Syndicated loans are a basket of loans raised in one arrangement, by two or more banks, for a client, and are usually larger than the ordinary loans given out by Commercial banks.

It can be by local banks, foreign banks, or a partnership between local and foreign banks.

Legal and financial experts who disagree with the ruling argue that Ham’s credit facilities were a syndicated loan and that therefore this ruling is likely to be a warning to banks to stay away from syndicating loans.

They say it might also prompt other borrowers of such loans, to file similar suits to evade repayments. This would put the loan syndication business in Uganda, at a risk. Currently, about 5.7 trillion Shillings worth of loans in Uganda are syndicated.

The government is the main beneficiary of syndication, with loans like the 703 million dollars raised by several banks for the Bujagali Hydropower Project in 2007.

The private sector has also benefitted, notably, in 2009, 2016 and 2020, MTN Uganda has raised three syndicated loans of 100 million dollars each mainly from local banks to expand it’s network and recently to finance the renewal of its license.

Back to the Ham vs DTB case, another side of experts say this was not a syndicated loan, but that DTB Kenya agreed to give new credits to Ham when DTB Uganda failed to raise the amounts the businessman was asking for, at separate instances. This, according to them, disqualified them as a syndicate.

Ham’s lawyer, Fred Muwema, dismisses the threat to the loan syndication business as farfetched, saying that even if it was a syndicated loan, it is the errant bank, in this case, DTB, which is being penalized, not all banks that have participated in syndications.

The Central Bank of Uganda, in pronouncing itself on the ruling, stated that a foreign bank does not have to ask for a BOU license to conduct commercial banking business in Uganda, provided it is not lending from the deposits taken from Ugandans

This raised more questions on the Bank of Uganda’s role in regulating financial inflows, and why Ugandan banks would ask for help abroad to meet a loan request of 40 billion shillings in six years.

Uganda Bankers Association Chief Executive Wilbrod Owuor says a collective raising a loan facility guarantees greater security as the risk of defaulting is shared by the several banks in the deal. It is also a fact that Uganda has some of the highest loan interest rates in the region averaging 20 per cent, despite persistent calls by the BOU for lower rates.

The banks say high-risk levels of Ugandan borrowers, the cost of operations especially in the countryside, as well as expensive sources of money for lending are responsible for this. The central bank’s mandate also extends to controlling money in circulation, including money coming into the economy from foreign sources.

According to financial consultant Clyde&Co, it is standard practice for all private-sector loans to be registered with the central bank, to be able to control money in circulation, control inflation, and foreign exchange rates.

Pastor Yiga Abizayo is officially announced dead

Pastor Augustine Yiga of the Revival Church in Kawaala, Kampala is dead, his ABS TV reports.

The controversial pastor, popularly known as Abizaayo died last evening, according to a statement from the television.

“Pastor Yiga Abizayo is dead. May his soul rest in peace. We love you so much our Father,” reads part of the statement posted on the television’s social media platforms.

A family member who never wanted to be quoted in this story said Pastor Yiga died on Monday at around 11pm.

“We plan to bury him on Saturday (October 31). That’s all I can tell you,” he said.

By the time of filing this story, several mourners and his followers had started arriving at his church to pay their last respect.

Last week, a section of the media announced the controversial pastor dead following liver complications but his family later dismissed the reports as false, insisting he was still alive.

His son, Andrew Jjengo then said the pastor had been sick for some time.

The development comes five months after the pastor was released on bail following his arrest for allegedly uttering false information and spreading harmful propaganda in relation to the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19).

He was released by the Rubaga Grade One Magistrate, Timothy Lumunye on non-cash bail of Shs2 million while each of his two sureties were bonded at Shs5 million.

During the court proceedings, Mr. Lumunye said he had been furnished with evidence that the pastor was diabetic and undergoing treatment.

“As such it is only fair and just that he (Yiga) is released on bail to enable him see medical treatment,” the magistrate said then.

More than 200 arrested in Kampala Hotel bars during curfew

More than 200 people arrested as police raid Front Page and Brothel, hotel in Kampala Metropolitan area on Sunday October 25th 2020 morning.

Police in Kampala are holding 226 people arrested in two separate raids on one of the Front Page Hotel Zzana in Makindye Sabagabo Municipality and brothels around Base zone, Katwe II parish Makindye division Kampala.

Kampala metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, ASP Luke Owoyesigyire said Sunday that the suspects include 13 female juveniles and 22 male adults.

“The group were found in a brothel. Three pairs of female juveniles were found in compromising positions with male adults. This brothel is allegedly operated by one Muhwezi Mustapha (who has also been arrested) a resident of the same place and is alleged to be trafficking unsuspecting female juveniles from upcountry to recruit them into these acts,” ASP Owoyesigyire said in a statement.

The suspects who are currently being detained at Katwe and Nateete police stations will be charged with various offences which include; defilement, human trafficking, defying presidential directives and operating a bars they were flaunting Covid-19 guidelines among others.

“Investigations are still on going in the matter. Katwe Police is in touch with the Gender based Violence desk to handle the rehabilitation process of the juveniles,” Mr Owoyesigyire added.

The development comes just days after police in Kampala Metropolitan Area arrested 21 people who were allegedly participating in what the law enforces described as a sex party in Kireka.

Improving access to justice is my mission

The Chief Justice, Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo, has said access to justice is one of his signature themes.

“The main theme of my tenure is to improve access to justice,” said on Thursday while opening the 2nd Legal Aid Innovations Conference (LAICON) at Mestil Hotel in Kampala.

“I believe justice is meaningless if it only remains in text books, provisions in legislation or in the Constitution if our people cannot resolve their rights through courts of law,” he said, adding that people from his village have to travel 160km to find a court.

The Conference organized by the Legal Aid Service Providers Network (LASPNET) and its partners was under the theme “Exploring new innovations to enhance access to justice amidst COVID-19 pandemic”.

The CJ thanked the organisers of the Conference for the platform to deliberate on ways to enhance access to justice as well as devise strategies to improve on the administration of Justice in Uganda.

He pointed out that as an institution, the Judiciary is implementing Electronic Court Case Management Information Systems (ECCMIS).

“ECCMIS is a fully-featured system which automates and tracks all aspects of Court processes of a case life cycle from initial filing through disposition and appeal. This system once rolled out fully will contribute to reduction of corrupt practices through eliminating human interaction in handling case files. We will continue to advance all reforms towards increased innovations and access to the Courts and information.”

In relation to the COVID-19 lockdown and it’s attendant problems, the CJ said the Judiciary fairly remained afloat by adopting innovative approaches to continue with hearing of cases. “We resorted to use of innovations including virtual hearings and online service delivery mechanisms including delivering judgments online.”

The CJ reiterated his commitment to support proper innovations and strategies. “Together we shall overcome the current challenges in the administration of Justice,” he said.

Adding: “It is commendable to recognize and appreciate those who have ventured into innovations, and to protect their works as a motivation for further development in this area. I am confident that appreciating those who have excelled in innovations in an event like this one, begets more innovations, which in the long run may propel us into success.”

H.E Roswitha Kremser, the head of office, at the Austrian Development Cooperation asked Government and Legal Aid Service Providers to implement legal aid innovations in a manner that respects human rights, confidentiality and privacy.

She also applauded the JLOS institutions COVID-19 response where many legal aid institutions provided legal services during the lockdown and urged Parliament to pass the Legal Aid Bill.

Court of Appeal Justice and Chairperson of Geoffrey Kiryabwire Chairperson LAICON 2 Vetting Committee advised lawyers be open to what digitization can offer in the administration of justice.

The Director of Public Prosecution, Justice Jane Frances Abodo, said innovators in the justice sector need mentors to ensure effective inventions.

Explaining the concept behind Laicoln, Laspnet Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Sylvia Namubiru, revealed that the legal innovation challenge was birthed in 2016 by Barefoot Lawyers as one of the ways of using innovation to improve access to justice.

Out of the 35 innovators who took part in the Conference, Legal Hub Uganda emerged as the winner at the conference that was attended by several stakeholders.

These included among others, Court of Appeal Justice, Remmy Kasule, European Union Ambassador to Uganda Ms. Mirjam Blaak, JLOS Senior Technical Advisor Ms. Rachel Odoi Musoke and Assistant Registrar/Judiciary PRO HW Jamson Karemani.

Alex Mwine-Mukono, the officer creating controversy in Mityana

At the beginning of this week, top officials from the Uganda Police Force visited the clergy, clan chiefs from Mbogo clan, and the Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom seeking forgiveness for the actions of a group of police officers in Mityana District. 

The police officers had disrupted a thanksgiving ceremony by the clan at Muggulu in Mityana District last Saturday.
The police operation that was overseen by Mr Alex Mwine-Mukono, the Mityana District police commander (DPC), resulted in the congregants being teargassed.

This is not the first time Mr. Mwine-Mukono has found himself in the spotlight for the wrong reason. 
On July 5, 2014, a group of more than 150 people, armed with machetes, spears, axes, bows and arrows, and guns, attacked Bundibugyo Police Station where Mr Mwine-Mukono was DPC at the time.
The group were angered by the installation of Rtd. Maj Martin Kamya as the cultural leader of Obudingiya Bwa Bwamba (Bwamba Cultural Institution) on May 30, 2014.
Two police officers, Wilson Bataka Mugume, who was the officer-in-charge, and Police Constable Swaibu Aliga were killed in the attack.
Some residents and security operatives in the town came out to say they had warned Mr. Mwine-Mukono about the impending attack. 
In 2015, he was arrested and arraigned before court, charged with neglect of duty.

Asked about what became of the court case, the police spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga said: “How can I just know as a one-off? It needs to go back into the records. You cannot just call now and expect me to pronounce an answer. How can I confirm that he was the same DPC? I need to find out from PSU (Professional Service Unit of the police).” 
Mr Mwine-Mukono later resurfaced as the DPC of Mityana District. 
A police source who requested to remain anonymous said Mr Mwine-Mukono has had the support of highly placed officers in the police leadership. 
While in Mityana, Mr Mwine-Mukono has been surrounded by some controversy.  

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Mr. Francis Zaake, the Mityana Municipality legislator, accused Mr. Mwine-Mukono and other police officers of assault when they arrested him at his home on charges of violating presidential directives on distributing relief food. 
The legislator has since sued Mr. Mwine-Mukono and other police officers for torture, unlawful detention and disobedience of lawful orders.

Kiplimo wins gold World Half Marathon in Poland

Jacob Kiplimo emerged first to win the Men’s Half Marathon 21 km race at the World Half Marathon Championships in Gdynia, Poland on Saturday.

He recorded a time of 58:49 on top to win the $30,000 (about Shs 111m) prize money, while world star Joshua Cheptegei who competed in the long distance race for the first time ever finished 4th.

The 19-year-old defeated Kenya’s Kibiwott Kandie, Amdework Walelegn of Ethiopia and Cheptegei. All the four athletes finished the race in under 60 minutes.

Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia led throughout the race which had 40 athletes in the lead pack in the 5km segment. However, Cheptegei, the current 10,000m and 5,000m record holder led the race in the 10km segment with Kiplimo, Kibiwott, Walelegn remained in the lead pack.

Kiplimo and Kibiwott, took the lead in the other half of the race after overtaking Cheptegei. Kibiwott, the 2020 Prague Half Marathon champion struggled to outpace Kiplimo and succeeded in the 53rd minute before Kiplimo accelerated to finish the last 50 metres in the lead.

Meanwhile, the other Uganda athletes Victor Kiplangat, Stephen Kissa finished in top 20, while Abel Chebet and Moses Kibet finished in the top 80.         

Earlier, Kenya’s Peres Jepchirchir won the Women’s Half Marathon race. She crossed the finish line on 1:0:06, followed by Germany’s Melat Yisak Kejeta (1:05:18), while Ethiopia’s Yalemzerf Yehualaw took bronze with a time 1:05:19.      

Ugandan athletes Juliet Chekwel and Doreen Chemutai finished 14th and 17th respectively. Other teammates, Doreen Chesang and Rachael Zena Chebet finished in position 30th and 57th respectively.

In the men’s team event, Kenya won gold, Ethiopia took the silver medal, while Uganda settled for bronze. For the women’s team event, Ethiopia won gold, while Uganda settled for 4th place.

I will develop Makindye Sabaggabo to city says MP aspirant Kyazze Frank

The former KCCA FC and Uganda cranes player Kyazze Frank who is the NRM flag bearer was dully nominated on Thursday October 2020 at around 2:00pm.

Kyazze who has competed for the same position since 2011 is one person who helps every needy in many aspects in the constituency as long as he is approached.

Kyazze vowed to put his emphasis on empower youth and women in Makindye Sabagabo Municipality if is given a chance to represent the area and promised to also develop the to the level of a big city if he is trusted by the voters this time.

Kyazze who was dully nominated on the Thursday 15th October 2020 at Wakiso district Electral Commission urged voters to access well all the candidates for the good of the area.

Hon. Kyazze while addressing the media after nominations he also promised to continue helping the people of Makindye Sabagabo Municipality has he has bee doing for the post decade.

Former Uganda international Frank Kyazze has also promised to table issues of retired national teams players in parliament.

Kyazze was second in the past two general elections for the parliamentary seat of Makindye Municipality and now the favorite in the forth coming general elections come 2021.

“Many players who played during our generation are living a sorry state, but if sportsmen can get a strong voice especially in parliament, something can be done.

“Personally, I am standing for MP Makindye Municipality and I think I can use this platform to bring all sportsmen together and we see how we can lobby support.”

Kyazze, a former KCCA FC and SC Villa star, revealed he has accorded support to a few stars he has traced.

“The president recently put aside funds to pay some sportsmen that have excelled but they [retired players] have not got that money because no one is caring to make a follow-up,” he added.

“I have played football to a greater level, and there is no way I can forget all those people we went through the same struggle.

“At the moment, there are many players that I am looking after, my friend David Lumansi is the one who always gives me updates about the players’ welfare and I support accordingly.”

Kyazze also explained how Ugandan talented stars can bring national development.

Kyazze will be competing with the Incumbent Kigozi Ssempala (Independent), Sserukenya David(NUP), Haji Ssebandeke (DP) among others.

Brian Nkuubi joins URA FC

Former Vipers SC midfielder Brian Nkuubi has signed for URA FC, according to reports.

We have established that Nkuubi has signed a three-year deal with the Tax Collectors which will see him at the club until 2023.

Nkuubi joins Sam Simbwa’s side as a free agent following the expiration of his contract at Vipers SC.

URA have now beaten KCCA FC to the race to sign the experienced holding midfielder.

Nkuubi has been on the hunt for a club after he was one of 13 players released by the Venoms in June.

He joined the Kitende based side in 2015 from now defunct Kira Young.

At URA FC, Nkuubi joins Davis Ssali, Arafat Galiwango, Jackson Nunda and Hannington Sebwalunyo as the new players that have come in ahead of the 2020/21 season.

Last campaign, URA FC finished 5th in the Uganda Premier League with 40 points from 25 games.

Amuriat wins FDC 2021 presidential ticket elections


FDC party president Mr. Patrick Oboi Amuriat has defeated Mr. Wasswa Birigwa in the FDC 2021 general elections party presidential Flag bearer elections

Amuriat who also defeated retired Gen. Mugisha Muntu in 2017 for the party president gathered a majority a votes was declared a winner and now will represent the party in the forth coming general election contesting for the countries top position against the incumbent president Museveni of NRMO, Robert Kyagulanyi of NUP if the yet to decide court case doesn’t turn it around, former FDC president Gen. Mugisha Muntu of ANT among others.

Mr. Amuriat while addressing the congregation just after being announced , said “I thank you delegates forgiving me this opportunity to serve my country for free as you put trust in me.

“I also thank my mentor Dr. Kiiza Besigye for mentoring in this, if can ask some where was POA four years ago would tell you that he is a retired politician because after being defeated the general elections i had no position any where in this country but Dr. Besigye and Mr. Wafula Oguttu encouraged me to contest for the party president and i emerged a winner.

FDC is the leading opposition party being second to MRMO for three consecutive times during Dr. Besigye’s stint as party’s presidential flag bearer.