BEACH SOCCER: The 8th UBSA Ordinary General Assembly confirmed.

UBSA delegates who attended last year’s AGM at JEVINE Hotel.

Ubsa general secretary has confirmed the date for its ordinary assembly to the media today at Fufa SIGs offices, Lungujja.The Ubsa 8th General Assembly will take place on Saturday 31st August 2019 at Fufa SIGs headquarters, Lungujja. 
The Assembly will focus mainly on the statutory obligations. Account to members and also present the activity report for the new season, 2019/20 together with the season budget. Members have already been notified and sent a reminder too in regard to the assembly business.
This years ordinary assembly is special in away that it must discuss extensively on the next years Afcon finals here in Uganda. Focus will be put on strategies to prepare ourselves in time. Ubsa the association mandated to run and manage the game of beach soccer in the territory of Uganda is strict on matters of governance. 
The release was made by the acting deputy ceo Ms. Sarah Birungi today during the quarterly press briefing at ubsa offices. She called upon all the delegates to mark the date.Members who have not cleared their annual membership subscription will not be allowed to attend the assembly.
Ubsa Excom meeting is on today Tuesday 23rd July 2019. Then tomorrow Wednesday will meet the leagues club officials at Fufa SIGs offices boardroom, Lungujja. 
Its mandatory to all FUFA members to hold their assemblies before the main FUFA general assembly takes place. Fufa ordinary general assembly will take place in September in Adjumani district, West Nile region.
Last years ubsa ordinary assembly was held at Jevine hotel, Rubaga in Kampala district. We expect the FUFA president to be the guest of honour.

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