Boda-Boda Cyclists Join Tugobe Corona Campaign

Kampala metropolitan Boda-boda cyclists have joined private sector foundation Uganda (PSFU), KACITA, UMEME, KCCA among others to fight against COVID 19 through a campaign dubbed “Tugobe Corona; Wear a mask, an initiative established by PSFU with an intention to chase corona virus in the country.
Gideon Baddagawa chief executive director PSFU says the campaign will enable smooth running of business sector in the country since the campaign will ensure that people wear Masks due to the fact that it prevents 85% of covid 19 infections.
“I urge business community not to allow people with no masks to access their premises because it puts their lives in danger,” he said.
Baddagawa says the campaign will run for one month while reminding and make public aware the importance of putting on masks. Among the SOPs of ministry of health are washing hands with soaps frequently, wearing masks, keep distance at least two meters, not to cough in public while uncovered with masks among others.
Francis Kisirinya deputy chief executive director PSFU says they are to use boda-boda cyclists to sensitise public about corona virus and the relevance of wearing masks as a tool to fight against covid 19.
“Public doesn’t aware that wearing masks prevents 85% of covid 19 infections, but through bodaboda cyclists, we are to move stage to stage to spread this information,” he said.
Sulaiman Lubega Chairman century bodaboda association Lubaga division, says they have decided to join this campaign to ensure that no boda-boda cyclist himself carries a passenger without a mask and the same applies to messenger.
“If we are used by politicians in various aspects to serve their interests, why don’t we join this Tugobe corona campaign to save out lives,” he said.
Rashid Kawawa publicist boda-boda association Kampala says with unity, covid 19 will one time be history in Uganda, and that is why they have decided to be part of the campaign.

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