Busiro South MP Peter Sematimba scores 13 points in UACE

Busiro South Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Sematimba has passed his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) with 13 points.

This is according to the results that were released by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) on Thursday afternoon.

According to the MP’s results that were accessed by MS News, Sematimba who was offering Divinity (CRE), Art and Literature scored a D,B,D respectively with subsidiary passes in both General Paper and Computer Studies.

In an interview earlier this month, Sematimba said that he studied from the United States of America and only went back to sit for UACE because of the lawsuits from his political competitors.

“When I beat them like the last elections, they use my papers as an excuse to take me to court. I won the case but it cost me shillings 350 million, so I decided to go back and get them the papers that they understand,” Sematimba said.

Sematimba also said that he spent the best part of vacation holidaying in China, Dubai and Los Angeles which he called his village. The MP said that he is only in Uganda for “kyeyo” (business).

“I am just in Uganda for ‘kyeyo’ but on holidays, just like everyone else I also take a bus and go to my village. Only that mine is an AirBus but it is also a bus.”

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