Makindye west MP aspirant Bosco Lusagala Condemns Police Brutality Acts

Makindye division deputy mayor also Makindye west member of parliament aspirant DP’s Bosco Lusagala says police act unprofessionally which tarnishes all other security organs’ images in the country leading Ugandans to lose hope a head of the forthcoming general elections 2021.

Lusagala made this revelation on Thursday following his nomination by Independent electoral commission at Ntinda saying police is partisan while executing its work specifically during this political time because it has been seen several times humiliating and provoking leaders of opposition and their supporters while that of the NRM ruling party act in a manner violating Covid 19 rules and guidelines freely.

“As opposition, we are fed up of Police brutal acts done to opposition leaders and supporters, we are in a multi party system whereby elections must be conducted countrywide,” he said.

Lusagala condemned president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for just looking at security organs while violating human rights, democracy and freedom without taking any action against these acts.

“NRM party political leaders conduct processions which is against Covid 19 guidelines but they are not tempered with, when it comes to opposition, things become worse, and that is why we recently saw police’s invasion to NUP office at Kamwokya without genuine at least any genuine reason,” he added.

In the same vein police also searched various commercial buildings in Kampala and confiscated all cloth materials in red colour saying they are related and resemble some security organs unform.

Yesterday some supporters of Lusagala Bosco were teargassed and shot rubber bullets by police at Mubaraka Makindye division when police was attempting to disperse the crowds. According to Lusagala, some of his fans are currently nursing wounds in hospitals.

Asked what inspired him to join the race, Lusagala said that, HW wants to empower youths and women to fight against unemployment leading high crime rates, improving drainage channels, rubbish collection, education, health, infrastructures among others in all goes through well adding that, the time he has spent as Makindye division deputy mayor, he has acquired political and lobbying skills which he will also use in Parliament.

Lusagala is now competing with Al-Haji Ntege Farouq who is independent, NRM,s Achilis Lubega, NUP’s Allan Ssewanyana who is holding DP ticket in this term ending who are observed as powerful and strong candidates in the race compared to Makindye East.

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