FUFA holds FIFA MA Referees Online Course

FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo at the course(Photo/FUFA Media)

The 2020 FIFA Member Association (MA) Referees online course officially started on Monday at new FUFA complex in Mengo and it was graced by FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo.

Unlike the previous years were this fitness and physical course has been held at the FUFA technical centre in Njeru for five days, this time round because of the Covid-19 Pandemic no instructor travelled in due to travel restrictions.

Zambian instructor Gladys Lengwe and physical instructor Mark Murwengo from Malawi tipped (via zoom) the referees with the latest about refereeing in the football world.

FUFA President Eng. Magogo urged referees to keep themselves in shape and fit no matter the current situation globally as well as being much comfortable using ICT.

‘I thank all the referees for coming to this course. Whereas we are aware of the challenge we are having of COVID-19 it doesn’t take away the hope that football will come back and we need referees who are fit physically, mentally and medically.

So it’s good that you keep your selves in shape because when we come back it will still be the same like we left as the demands will be the same maybe what will have changed is the the laws of the game in between could have changed and it’s important that since understanding the laws of the game may not require Sops, you can continue improving your selves such that when we come back we don’t have such a challenge.

It is also important that as a modern referee you are comfortable using ICT, I remember I used to talk about this before and I think it’s even getting more clear that classes are on zoom so times have changed so it’s important continue improving our selves in such a manner that we are able to keep up with the times.

It’s true that at this time of the year usually is when the new referees go onto the international list while some are either maintained or demoted basing on performance, medical fitness and physical fitness and FUFA are supposed to submit a list but the executive have decided to maintain the list and urged those who are aspiring to continue as there hasn’t been any serious competition as further advised by FIFA. ‘ Eng Magogo remarked.

But when one fails either the medical or physical test then change can be effected.

The opening day of the course was also graced by football Development director Ali Mwebe, the referees chairman Ronnie Kalema and referees manager Samuel Egesa.

The three days course will climax on Wednesday 30th September at FUFA House in Mengo

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