FUFA to elect new leadership on August 31 as per the Road Map Released

  • The 2021 FUFA Electoral road map was released by the Chairman
  • Exercise to start with Civic education for Presiding Officers
  • Elections will be held at the DFAs and Regional levels
  • There will be polls for the 8 Special Interest Groups
  • Election of FUFA President and the Executive Committee will be conducted as per the FUFA Statutes before or on 31st August

The FUFA Electoral Committee has on Thursday issued the road map for the forthcoming 2021 FUFA elections.

The road map was released by the FUFA Electoral Committee Chairman, Mathias Bwire alongside his Vice Joram Katende, Committee Members Ritah Aliguma and Richard Mpaka in the presence of FUFA Legal Manager, Dennis Lukambi who represented the FUFA CEO Edgar Watson.

According to the road map, the Electoral activities will run between 25th March to the day the FUFA President and Executive is elected before or on 31st August 2021.

It should be noted that the FUFA President and Executive must be elected by by 31st August as per FUFA Statutes.

We have started the FUFA Electoral exercise by releasing the road map today. There are several activities lined up including Civic education, display of registers, nomination process, election and declaration of results from the District Football Associations (DFAs), Regional Football Associations (RFA) to the FUFA Executive Committee’ confirmed Bwire.

Lukambi indicated that the FUFA Electoral road map and the entire process was approved by FIFA.

‘The elections will be guided by the FUFA Statutes , Electoral Code and Guidelines. The FUFA Statutes and Electoral Code were approved by FIFA and given the greenlight within which elections should proceed’ stated Lukambi-the FIFA trained football Lawyer.

The FUFA Legal Manager further stipulated that the process will be free, fair and whoever is eligible will take part in the process.

‘The grassroot process has started and whoever is eligible and interested in activities of the game is welcome at any electoral position if they meet the set standards’ added Lukambi.


The FUFA Executive Committee must at least has two Female Members.

Of the 6 delegates that will represent each one of the 8 Regions of FUFA, one of them must be Female.

The Ordinary FUFA General Assembly is the Supreme and Legislative body of football in Uganda.

FUFA has 34 Members represented by 88 Delegates in the Assembly

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