Goons Infiltrated Security, Distabilising the Country”

The Brutality, Violence Against Robert Kyagulanyi Infiltrated By Security, Distabilising The Country” Tumukunde expressed fears

Presidential candidate retired general Henry Tumukunde has expressed fear that their could some wrong people who infiltrated security with the aim of distabilising the country.

Tumukunde says that incident of brutality and violence against Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu and other opposition candidates including himself are a clear indication that the perpetrators are planning something wrong for the country.

He warned that Uganda is risking violence if these inhumane acts against the citizens are not stopped challenging the security heads to srutinise their men and find out their intention.

“That innocent young man, who’s preaching the gospel of change in his country with the kind heart of changing power without blood, he has no gun for them they have gun’s everywhere, really? They will pay for it” said Tumukunde

Tumukunde has also blamed government and the electoral commission for the violence they did not listen to the advise of the different stakeholders who foresaw violence because of the manner in which campaigns were to be conducted.

“I always categorically clear asking my self, is this election or what? Personally I advise the commission to distance them self out of organising this election during this Covid-19 period until the situation stables, just because they work for Museveni they couldn’t listen to us” said Tumukunde

Meanwhile Tumukunde has promised to end land grabbing in northern Uganda and other parts of elected president in the 2020 general election.

Tumukunde says that there are opportunists who have taken advantage of the looseness of the law to deprive people of their land rights but vows to fight them and ensure that people get back their grabbed land.

He further explains that the land law in Uganda is clear on how land may be acquired and warns the land grabbers that the said land will not only be taken away from them but they will also pay heavily for the time they have illegally occupied it.

“It’s because of the Maria’s that are mounts the country, how can you taking people’s land? Land law’s are stated clear how any body acquired land, my fellow country man and women it’s the time keep your land documents and record all those grabbers am very sure your land to be given back to you”. Said Tumukunde

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