Kenyan fishermen held in Uganda freed after paying $1,800 fine.

At least 30 Kenyan fishermen who were arrested by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) officials in Homa Bay County, western Kenya, on Saturday have been set free after paying a collective fine of Ksh180,000 ($1,800).

The fishermen, who were being detained on Hama Island in Uganda, were freed on Sunday night.

They were accused of trespass and use of illegal fishing gears in Lake Victoria.

According to Homa Bay County Beach Management Units Networks Chairman Edward Oremo, the fishermen were accused of using ice during fishing.

The ice increases the shelf life of fish, therefore enabling fishermen to stay in the lake for several days.

They were from various beaches in Suba North and Suba South sub-counties.

Mr Oremo reported that URA officers conducted a raid in Sare and Kiwa beaches in Suba South and confiscated five boats.

They arrested 15 fishermen from the two areas.

He added that the officers proceeded further to Suba North where they arrested 15 more fishermen and confiscated five other boats on Saturday.

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