Lord Mayor collapses during prayers of late DR.Lwanga.

The Kampala lord mayor Erias Lukwago has been evacuted from Lubaga cathedral after collapsing during the mass to commemorate the life of the former Archibishop of Kampala Arch diocese His Grace DR. Cyprian Lwanga this afternoon.

Lukwango who was seated in the area reserved forbVIPS , was lifted by two men and evacuated through the door linking to the priest’s residence shortly after collapsing on Monday afternoon.

It is still unclear why Lukwago collapsed last year, Lukwago was admityed to Nairobi hospital after being siagnosed with acute anaphylaxis , an allegic reaction to somenfoods in insects, stings and medicine.

This condition cause the immune system to over react to the allergen by releasing chemical and cause one to go shock experience a drop in blood pressure and blockage in breath.

But his aides said

“The Lord Mayor is still in shock after the loss of an astute cleric, amiable gentlemen , a vanguard of justice and good governance, a fervent defender of human dignity, rights and freedoms.

However, the DR. Andrew Ssekitoleko confirmed that the heart attack was the cause of the deathdeath for the Grace Archbishop Lwanga .

“The cause of the death of the Archbishop Lwanga was a heart attack , there was a blood clot in the verse that goes to the heart which limit blood transmission to the heart, that limit him to breath, then after three minutes he dies”, private personal DR.Andrew Ssekitoleko confirmed.

When the postmortem report carried out two family members , two church members and DR Anders was the observer has the postmortem carried out.

Although, the CCommemorate is still ongoing , Tuesday, to Kololo Airstrip for public president’s commended the work of the late, then to their grass root Kyabakadde, Mukono for the commemoratecommemorate mass for the life of the former late Archbishop Lwanga, then Wednesday to Namugongo to commended the work and development puts there and public eye viewing, then to cathedral , where , he will be buried on Thursday.

The mass is being presided over by the Bishop Paul Ssemwogerere of Luweero who has commended the works of the late when he was part of Luweero diocese. The Bishop also decried the stinking levels of corruption in the country.

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