Uganda is one of the few countries that is blessed with talents if well tapped would solve the challenge of youth unemployment. Sports industry in Uganda is a gold mine if well planned.
Recently while receiving the returning Uganda cranes from Afcon finals in Egypt, president Yoweri Museveni hinted on many advantages of football. As a country we can pick from there if we package properly our sports houses and tail them on talent identification, development and deployment.
Policy formulators in this country must sit down and design a strategy on how to make sports sector another lucrative employment area for naturally talented Ugandans in various sports disciples. This would in the long run reduce on the level of unemployment in Uganda.Globally, the most highly paid person are sportsmen and women. Its very possible as a country to plan for this if we are to strategically create placement for our youths.
Most of Uganda’s sports federation are doing their best in this industry but without the government effort to regulate and plan for this sector still little will be released. 

Federation of Uganda Football Associations under the leadership of Eng. Moses H. Magogo have of recently taken the lead by engaging the key stakeholders in understanding why sports industry must be properly planned and regulated.
Government on top of coming up with a sports budget, should also come up with  a policy that compel all corporate companies to have sports budgets if they are to receive tax incentives. If propagated am sure we will see more companies into sports partnership and sponsorships. Its the way to go and must be put into law so that sports associations are financially empowered to promote their industry and give our youths platform for discovering their natural talents.
President Yoweri Museveni must be thanked for being visionary in understanding why Uganda Cranes needed to heavily funded inspite of the detractors. By mere appearing at the Africa’s Elite championship, Uganda as a country reaped big.My appeal is to make it routine and we must challenge Africa’s big boys.
Many Youths have attained education freely as a result of their talents by playing various sports disciples. If sports can offer free education, provide income to many youths, give taxes to the country, helps companies to market and sell their products, minimize rates of criminality as put it by the president recently, why not put in money, develop the sector to become one of most employment sector in Uganda.For God & My Country.

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