To realise maximum sports sector development, government must quickly look into development of sports infrastructure facilities to support the efforts of sports federations. We need at least regional stadia to effectively develop the youths potential in all regions of Uganda.
 Standard sports facilities must be elected in Jinja & Mbale for Eastern region, Soroti & Moroto for North East, then Mbarara & Kabale for Western, Fortportal & Hoima for Mid West while Lira & Gulu for northern and finally in Arua for West Nile.

Kakyeka stadium.

If such facilities are developed and spread across the country, would generate revenue to the country and also create a favourable climate for youths to engage in more viable ventures and mitigate the would be youths misuse in things like riots, crimes and other negative activities.
Uganda as the case is today can’t bid for continental competitions such as Afcon because it lacks standard infrastructures. Hosting international competitions wouldn’t only bring into the country foreign exchange but would also market itself to global tourism.
Let’s our policy makers think big. Uganda at its peaceful moment and massive infrastructure developments are going on, let’s not forget sports infrastructure that would make the sports sector a big  employment sector especially for youths.Efforts must be made in realisation of this.

Kabale municipal stadium.

Uganda Development Agency needs to critically look at the potential of the sports sector in creating opportunities for the youths who constitute the biggest proportion of the population in Uganda.English Premier League is the biggest revenue contributor in the English Economy, I believe we can do the same here if we plan well and have the sports sector well set.Its my opinion. Let’s join hands to make our point clear before the policy makers.

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