Tablique Muslim Community Calls for A dialogue as a tool to Stabilize the Country

Tabulique Musilum community in Uganda calls for dialogue between security forces and supporters of candidates in the ongoing campaigns for peace and hormony in the country.

This follows the burutal acts of security towards supporters of Hon.Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu the presidential candidate of National Unity platform (NUP) party were even caused death during the 2 days riots in the country .

Sheikh. Yahaya Mwanje the Acting Amiiru-Humah Nakasero during Friday Jumaah on Friday at Nakesro Mosque Kampala said that, dialogue between security and supporters is the only way to bring peace and stability in the country because everyone will understand one other hence moving forward.

Mwanje adds that more burtality by security will cause problems because people will stand to stop it and as a result calamity.

He calls upon Moslems always to put their lives first before joining any struggle and always to fight hard in protecting properties of Moslems because now days are being grabbed and always ask accountability to their leaders.

Moslems were also advised to desist from being used by Politicians to fullfil thier political goals.

Hajji Nsereko Mutumba, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council ( UMSC) former spokesman said Moslems should support candidates mostly who have program to support Muslim agenda.
“For many years Muslims support candidates but after taking power they forget about Muslim issues which has caused them a lot of problems,” he said.

He also disclosed that Muslims should not lose lives just because they love someone to take power thus advise them them to take care of Covid-19 because it’s real when Campaigning.

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